Monday, February 28, 2011

Cullen | 6 Months

Seriously? how could he be 6 months already? This weekend was pretty hectic between his 6 month check up, my neice's basketball game (she won), shopping with my mom (woot), and visiting with families, I still managed to get some 6 month images done.

My secret? I set up my portable studio in my dining room on Friday night. Saturday morning before Tony was even awake, I was taking pictures, after my neices game, I took pictures, Sunday the same thing. Anytime that we were home and Cullen wasn't eating or sleeping or in a bad mood :) we took pictures. I love how they came out. It is impossible to pick a favorite so here's some that I love.

Oh and his stats are: 18 lbs 4 oz 26.74 inches long 18 inches head - he was in the 70%tile all around.

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Rachel L said...

so cute! love the chubby!