Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Updates & Gorgeous Light

We always seem to be doing little things around the house, in December we repainted our entire livingroom, I love the new colors. While we were painting the ceiling we decided that we wanted to put a beam up to cover the cracks that form (then go away) every year when the house settles and the weather changes.

Last week I organized a cabinet in my kitchen, ok you think it wasn't a big deal, but the cabinet was really horrible, it was so messy and every time you went to get 1 thing out, 3 things fell out on top of you. I bought a bunch of these and when I say a bunch I mean it, I probably have $200 worth of these things. but I love them!! They stack sooo nicely and fit well. I also got out my brother labeler and went to work. Now our Flour / Sugar / Brown Sugar / Rice / Pasta / Baking Soda / Powder / more Pasta / Coffee and other baking stuff has their own place. Its beautiful!

I also decided I would change my bedroom around. Ok so our bedroom is probably the smallest 'master' bedroom on the earth. It barely fits our king size bed and dresser. My husband always felt like there was only ONE furniture orientation that would work, and it actually took a little convincing on my part to get him to agree to try it a different way.

Our layout is like this. The door you walk in is on a wall with the door to the bathroom, there is only a little room between the doors and we put our dresser on it. Then the wall to the right is a wall of closets, no walk in closets for us, but they are generous sizes. In between the 2 closets we have a small LCD mounted. The next wall to the right has our window on it. Its a pretty decent size window, then the next wall is free, it is the only wall free, so that's where our bed was. It barely fit the king size bed and 1 small nightstand.

After much convincing I got Tony to help me move the bed under the window. We actuallly left a little gap between the window and our bed because we had verticle blinds - yuck - but whatever. just doing that made the room look and feel so much bigger. There is a lot more space around our bed and in front of our dresser. And an added perk. There is beautifuly light on our bed now. perfect for pictures of the boys!

Since then I've updated the window coverings, we now have a roman shade with grommet style panels on either side. I really love how it looks!

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