Friday, February 18, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

So we always seem to be doing stuff around the house, especially around tax return time. This year we decided to take our return (plus a lot of our savings) and renovate our bathroom. We only have 2 full baths and the one off our bedroom is the one we mainly use. I hate how there are 2 doors that open into the space and cut off a lot of floor space, there is also a lack of storage and that is a big deal for me.

After speaking with 5 different contractors and getting quotes, we finally decided to go with Sonshine Flooring (I know flooring? well they apparently do kitchen and baths too!) They gave us a good quote and help with the design end as well so we are getting started. I put down the deposit on Valentines day and joked with Tony that, that was his gift :)

One of the first things that was on our list to get done was to put a pocket door between our bedroom and the bathroom. Like I said before there are 2 doors that open up into the bathroom, and we don't really want to get rid of one of the doors. It just doesn't make sense and wouldn't really free up any space in our bedroom. Plus we do like the access. So a pocket door was the best solution. I'm so excited about it! I think it will give it a cleaner look too.

A clean look with clean lines is really what I am going for. Our Cabinets will be a 'peppercorn' color in a cherry wood. We'll have one cabinet that will go floor to ceiling to give us extra storage. The top tower is going to sit on our granite countertop, and the counter top will be showing in front of the cabinet. It should look really nice! Plus lots and lots of storage!

Our tile is beautiful! We went with a creamy tan large tile for the floor and walls, and then I picked out a glass tile as accent. Then we sprung for the pencils (a type of tile) to set our glass tile apart from the wall tile.

The mirror will be framed in the same wood/color as the cabinets, and we're getting a recessed sink. I also picked out all of our fixtures (tub/toilet/sink) and we're going to do brushed nickel hardware.

They'll probably begin work middle of March. I think the Cabinets take like 4 weeks to build and that's the longest lead item so whenever they get here we can get started :). I'm also glad we're going with a contractor for tear down and install. Who knows how long it would have taken us to do it, 2 weeks is long enough!

I can't wait to start taking pictures!

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