Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Valentines

I love it, I have 3 valentines this year! I'm so blessed!! I was actually on the ball this year and had some cool bookmarks printed for Caleb to bring to school for valentines. After all isn't February National Reading Month or something? The back is just the red/gray pattern with the gray heart in the center and the year. I really love how they turned out!

I even made a Valentine for Cullen, I just printed these as wallets and handed them to some family.

And because I was in the giving mood, I decided to give away a free camera. Well actually Cullen did. I bought this shirt for Cullen back in the fall, I'm sure you all saw the picture with the drool. yeah its one of my favorite shirts, but the time has come and it is getting too small. It would be a shame for a shirt this cute to just sit in storage or be sold for $0.50, so I decided to pass it on to another photographer. I hope in turn she'll take a picture of her little one wearing it and share that with me, and that when her little one grows out of it, she will pass it on again to another photographer. I hope I get to see a lot of cuties wearing this ultra cute shirt!

My True love bought me some beautiful Roses for Valentines. Of course that made me want to take out my camera. I had been wanting to try a shot like this for a while, so I jumped at the chance. And because he really truely loves me, he helped me out a lot with this picture. You should have seen the set up, I had the leaf clamped, the roses propped up, Tony had a baby medicine dropper with the water. My camera was on a tripod. I think we did pretty good for our first try at getting a rose in a water droplet with the macro. I'll have to try more of these for sure!

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