Monday, February 15, 2016

Pre-Teen Boy Bedroom

My oldest son, Caleb, wanted a new bedroom for his 8th birthday.  Considering we hadn't done anything to his room since he turned 2 and got a 'big boy' room, I figured it was time.  I must admit I wasn't thrilled with his theme choice, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I used pinterest a lot while I was coming up with ideas and ordering stuff.

The Halo - Army Bedroom

Grandma gave him these cool signs and after I finished with the room he added them as his touch.

The Letters I made with vinyl on my cricket.  I would have preferred a blockier font but you use what you have, plus I don't think he noticed.

We already had most of the furniture (exception was the desk/shelf more about that later), but I did want to try and move things around a bit.  I moved this cube shelf to the end of his bed and I really like how it fits there.  He got the "safe" (AKA Ikea TRYGGHET medicine cabinet) for his birthday from grandma too, we might paint it camo colors later.

His one request was to have a camo netting over his bed.  I had already bought the camo netting when he asked this and so I just had to figure out how to hang it.  To hang it we used clear Command removable hooks by 3M.

I found this vinyl tank on Amazon, and the Halo Prints from Etsy, I loved how they turned out.

And for the desk/shelf combo.  I did a little Ikea Hack to make that (with lots of help from the hubby).  We took a Billy shelf and assembled it normally.  Then we cut down a Linnmom Table Top to 32 inches.  We put it on an existing shelf at the height to work with the cheap $4 Adils legs and used L brackets to reinforce the shelf, then we drilled the table top to the shelf.  Its perfect for our use and not very expensive either.

Oh and PS I got the Halo Mask from Oriental Trading company for like $8 (plus shipping).  It looks great as d├ęcor and Caleb already put it on to play with as well.

And finally we needed Gun Storage of course, I just took a regular over the door shoe holder and placed all the guns in there, cutting some of the bottoms out so they could thread through to make a taller holder.