Friday, September 30, 2011

Cullen goes to the hospital

Well yesterday Caleb went to get a hair cut and today Cullen goes to the hospital. It was a planned event, to get tubes put in his ears. He did really well, kinda woke up a little cranky but that's understandable. And of course I documented his first (and hopefully only for a while) surgery through photography. I love how pictures can tell stories.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caleb Goes...

I finally got around to doing a 2nd edition to my "Caleb goes" series. This time, Caleb goes to get a Hair Cut. My wonderful and very talented sister in law works at Exodus Salon in Saint Clair Shores and we were very happy to go visit her today. Well I correct myself and say I was happy to visit her, Caleb not so much. Caleb hasn't had a real hair cut since he was about 15 months and he got his mullet cut off, let me remind you of that mullet...

Yeah that was a pretty funny blast from the past, but lets move on to present!! Here's a shot I took of Caleb just a week or so ago, his long curly locks that almost everyone loved.

Our trip to get the hair cut started off ok.

But quickly turned sour, Caleb just wasn't wanting to get it cut short, and the more he looked in the mirror the more distressed he got.

Luckily Daddy was able to come up to the salon and make him feel a little better.

Towards the end (and after 3 suckers through the process) he started feeling a little better. By the time we went to dinner I think he had realized that the hair cut wasn't that bad.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Man's birthday bash!

I had been planning Cullen's first birthday party for months, thanks to PINTEREST.COM I had a lot of inspiration (turned obsession). I would say that 99% or more of the party was DIY, it was a blast. We had an inflatable water slide thanks to my neighbor, and a Snowcone machine, thanks to the local rental place. We had great weather (albeit really really HOT), but I'm just glad it didn't storm like predicted. I think I might go into a post party depression because I won't have projects to do everynight. Must check pinterest for other DIY stuff to occupy my little moments of crafty time.

Enjoy the pictures, there are a lot of them!

Details (and DIY stuff)

Lets Party: guests and fun

Let HIM eat cake (even guests didn't see this part)

Brothers together forever!