Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cider Mill

We just love going to the cider mill and today was the perfect day for it. Mid-60s so long-sleeve shirt weather. Got some apples and raspberries, and had some donuts and cider for lunch (yeah we're bad I know). I also got a couple pictures of Caleb actually looking at the camera!! Unfortunately they moved the tractor so I couldn't re-create the picture from last year but lets check out the flash back anyway!

October 4, 2008
IMG_0560 copy

September 27, 2009
09 27 09_0020 web

October 4, 2008
IMG_0567 copy

September 27, 2009
09 27 09_0012 web

09 27 09_0009 web

09 27 09_0005 web

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Family Photoshoot

Yesterday after being lazy in the morning and an unplanned (but short) trip to the ER. We met up with fellow photographer Sarah from Pazy's Portraits. We did a photo shoot swap and really just hung out and had fun. Our boys got along very well (both the little ones and the bigger ones). We spent the evening downtown Mt. Clemens walking around and shooting each other. Then had a nice dinner at Bath City Bistro. Then they came over our house to finish the night off. Caleb was so sad when his new friend had to leave, it was so cute!

Here's one of their family.

And a snap I got of the boys together.

And heres a couple that Sarah got of us.