Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cider Mill

We just love going to the cider mill and today was the perfect day for it. Mid-60s so long-sleeve shirt weather. Got some apples and raspberries, and had some donuts and cider for lunch (yeah we're bad I know). I also got a couple pictures of Caleb actually looking at the camera!! Unfortunately they moved the tractor so I couldn't re-create the picture from last year but lets check out the flash back anyway!

October 4, 2008
IMG_0560 copy

September 27, 2009
09 27 09_0020 web

October 4, 2008
IMG_0567 copy

September 27, 2009
09 27 09_0012 web

09 27 09_0009 web

09 27 09_0005 web

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