Friday, February 26, 2010

Big News!

Our family is going to grow!!

On December 26th, I woke up to this:


I pretty much knew I was pregnant Christmas day, but forced myself to wait the extra day, just in case I was wrong. Well I wasn't!!

I immediately scheduled a lab appointment to get my levels checked. After the miscarriage I really wanted to make sure things were starting off right. After all this was a huge shock since December was the first month we were "allowed" to start trying agian. At 4 weeks my progesterone levels were at 12.3 ng/mL which is excellent for the first trimester. My Beta number was 1934 also well within normal.

Because I was still nervous (can anyone blame me) I also got an early ultrasound at 6 weeks. It was so early that we were not sure that we would hear a heartbeat, but the Dr. said that if we didn't we would just get another u/s at 7 weeks. Well we heard one!! I think it was at like 115 or something, a little on the low end but the heartbeat probably had just started.

ultrasound 6 weeks

Yeah you can't see much at 6 weeks but I wanted to share it anyway. I scheduled my next appointment for 10 weeks. I wanted to be 100% sure we would catch the heartbeat on the doppler. There is no way at this point that I could go into an appointment and not hear that little heartbeat. At my 10 week appointment my Midwife spent lots of time with me talking about everything. She even wheeled in the portable u/s machine so we could not only hear the heartbeat but see it too. It made me nervous. After all last time I used one of those portable u/s machines I had to see my little baby underdeveloped and without a heartbeat.

But there it was the heartbeat and what is starting to resemble a baby!

ultrasound 10 weeks

My Beta numbers were at 136503, which again is right on track.

At 12 weeks we had our 3rd u/s. It is so nice every time we get to see our little baby growing in there. I was told to come with a full bladder, very specific instructions, 90 minutes before my appointment I had to empty my bladder. Within the next 30 minutes I had to drink 16 ounces of water. Ooops I almost forgot that part and didn't drink them till I only had 2 minutes left. Soon after that I had to leave to pick up Tony from work and go to the hospital for the u/s. Wow I thought my bladder was going to explode. Literally, I am usually pretty good about going all day but when I got there I was dying! The u/s Dr. took a look at my bladder on the u/s machine and boy was it huge!! She let me empty it a little. UMM yeah I won't talk about how hard it is to just empty it part way! On to the pictures!

ultrasound 12 weeks 1

ultrasound 12 weeks 2

And finally Alien Baby!

ultrasound 12 weeks 3

Just for fun when I got home I took my first belly picture. I'm only 12 weeks and my uterus is just starting to poke up to where you can see it, but I don't feel like I'm showing yet. Maybe that's just me wishing. I can still fit in my pants though!

12 week belly_0001

I am 13 weeks now and my due date is September 3rd. Gotta love having a baby on a holiday weekend! Caleb was born on a holiday weekend and its totally the way to go!

Monday, February 22, 2010

2nd Birthday

Well Caleb turned 2 this past week. Where does the time go? I can't believe how fast he is growing up. On the 14th we went over to my parents house. Caleb got treated to a great lunch of toddler favorites, tater tots, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, jello, and some veggies for good measure. After we had some cake and Caleb opened his gifts from his aunts and uncles and grandma and granddad. Everyone is always so generous and Caleb loved all of the presents.

After we finished up there, Tony and I took Caleb to Best Western Sterling Inn. See they have an indoor waterpark and since it was a holiday weekend we decided to get away for an evening. Caleb's girlfriend, Mandy, along with her mom and sister were able to join us Sunday night for a swim in the pool. Boy did they have so much fun. They have a special toddler area with ankle high water and jets and slides and lots of fun stuff.

Here are a couple of pictures taken with the oh so handy camera phone.



don't judge this is day 2 and I didn't bother wearing makeup. Oh and you can see the bruises I got on my knees from crawling around with Caleb.


Oh so if you want your toddler to sleep a lot, take him to an indoor waterpark and wear him out for about 2-2.5 hours! He slept without a peep Sunday night, and then took like a 4 hour nap on Monday.

So Wednesday, the 17th on his birthday, Caleb had to go to school, after all they had class pictures and I wanted him to be in the group shot. I made sure to make it special though. I brought in minibrownies for all the kids, and at lunch time I dropped off a balloon for C.

That night we made him special hotdogs that he had just sampled at Nino's the saturday before and LOVED. They are chicken with apple sausages. And let me tell you he scarfed that baby down. Then he got to open his presents. He loved his basketball net the most.

Finally on Saturday we had Tony's family over for a small get2gether. Actually when I remembered what my neice and nephew had gotten C I was reminded that we actually forgot to wrap like 5 presents for Caleb. Crazy. After they all left, C kept asking for more presents. I guess he thinks presents should be the norm. But don't we all?