Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little Man's birthday bash!

I had been planning Cullen's first birthday party for months, thanks to PINTEREST.COM I had a lot of inspiration (turned obsession). I would say that 99% or more of the party was DIY, it was a blast. We had an inflatable water slide thanks to my neighbor, and a Snowcone machine, thanks to the local rental place. We had great weather (albeit really really HOT), but I'm just glad it didn't storm like predicted. I think I might go into a post party depression because I won't have projects to do everynight. Must check pinterest for other DIY stuff to occupy my little moments of crafty time.

Enjoy the pictures, there are a lot of them!

Details (and DIY stuff)

Lets Party: guests and fun

Let HIM eat cake (even guests didn't see this part)

Brothers together forever!

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Carter's mom said...

Your entire party was so cute and it looks like the birthday boy and guests had a great time!