Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zoo Fun

Last night we made it to the zoo, its really nice that they stay open later on Wednesdays in the Summer. We actually went a year ago the week before Cullen was born, so that gave me some good memories. Last night we only did a few things. Didn't want to stay long with bedtimes looming around the corner.

We did check out the Dinosaur exhibit. It was fun, but one of the dinos broke out from behind the rope and started chasing Caleb.

Caleb really didn't like the dinosaur exhibit that much honestly, but he did pick out this stuffed dino and fell in love with it. Tony and I laughed because he has never really liked a stuffed animal before but he was sitting there hugging it in the stroller.

Towards the end of the exhibit there were bigger ones and Caleb was really scared of them.

Cullen had a blast though!

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