Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Caleb goes Grocery Shopping...

I've wanted to do more lifestyle type photography sessions, so I decided to start with my own family. PLUS I do have the cutest boys ever so any excuse to get pictures of them, in their own element makes me squeel with happiness. I finally had a free Friday, and all the banging going on in our bathroom helped push me out of the house for a bit. We loaded up Caleb's shopping cart along with his 2 stuffed pals with a kid friendly shopping list in hand. He helped me create the short (but healthy) list that morning using good old Google Images. He even wanted to add broccoli to the list (and he almost ate it the other night when I cooked it too - which was a first). Hope you enjoy the pictures and the wordless story that goes along with it. I hope to do more in the "caleb goes/does" series in the very near future!

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