Monday, April 18, 2011


Easter is right around the corner, and today we woke up to heavy snow falling. Caleb ran outside to get in the car for 'school' and he said to me, "YEAH! Its snowing, I love the snow, can we set up the Christmas tree now!" Yeah umm no! I want summer, or at least a warmish spring! We planted our lettuce seeds a little over a week ago, they are a cool weather crop and pretty hearty so I'm sure they'll survive a little bit of snow. I really look forward to being able to walk outside and pick my own salad! Anyway, back to Easter. I'm really loving Cullen's age right now, he just sits there and smiles at me when I get out the camera, he doesn't really care what crazy/ridiculous things I do to him :) See he's still smiling! I'm not sure if he's happy to have the bunny ears (and tail) off or if he is just laughing at me because of them!

Last week I was able to purchase a new to me lens from a fellow photographer, the Canon 85mm 1.8. I've been wanting the lens for a while now and it was next on my "to purchase" list so I went for it. I just love the yummy bokeh it produces when used properly! It was a very nice day outside so Caleb and I snuck out for a bit, look how happy he was to be outside without a heavy coat on!

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