Monday, April 18, 2011

Bathroom Updates

Woohoo, its just about done!! We are still waiting on a new mirror. I don't think the one that they put up is big enough for me, I want it to fill the space more. We also had to repaint some spots that needed to be patched up. Its all fixed now but I couldn't wait to take the pictures! Oh and our upper cabinet door is getting replaced, it came with a minor scratch at the top so they ordered us a new one. I really love it though. I love everything I picked out (and let me tell you I picked out everything in that bathroom). I love that we splurged on a couple items - like the cabinets and glass accent tile, and I'm okay that we didn't splurge on some things - like the bathtub. We debated getting a jetted tub, but it just wasn't worth the extra $1,000 to us. I love my soaker tub and know that it will get plenty of use! Here are the before and afters! The artwork was something I did pretty quickly after picking the paint for the walls. Since we went with a darker richer shade, I decided I wanted to do images of white bathroom objects on a white background. I really like how they stand out but still look cohesive. Here are the 4 that we chose to display, I actually took quite a few more. I wanted to display them as squares but couldn't find a frame that I loved in such a short time. So 8x10s it is.

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