Saturday, April 25, 2009

Learning more about myself...

Ok so I already posted a couple times about the Leadership Class I took last week, but I have a couple more evaluations that I haven't shared yet.

I already told you about the MBTI (Meyers-Briggs) that I am an ENTJ. Well we actually took the MBTI Step II test which goes a little more into the different facets. So here's the breakdown for anyone who cares. I think it super helpful in getting to know each other, I wish I knew this about all my friends and loved ones.

I will first list the MBTI step one category, then under that the 2 different describing words on each side of the spectrum.

E - I am high on the overall 'E' scales
Extraversion vs Introversion
Initiating vs Recieving: I am very much an Initiator.
Expressive vs Contained: I am very much expressive.
Gregarious vs Intimate: I am in the midzone for gregarious.
Active vs Reflective: I am very much active
Enthusiastic vs Quiet: I am enthusiastic more than quiet.

N - I am mid to high on the 'N' side (iNtuition)
Sensing vs Intuition
Concrete vs Abstract: I am very much abstract
Realistic vs Imaginative: midzone for imaginative
Practical vs Conceptual: very conceptual
Experiential vs Theoretical: theoretical
Traditional vs Original: original

T - I am more mid range to low range for 'T' (Thinking)
Thinking vs Feeling
Logical vs Empathetic: I am Logical
Reasonable vs Compassional: midzone for reasonable
Questioning vs Accommodating: I am out-of-preference and accomodating.
Critical vs Accepting: I am WAY out-of-preference and Accepting.
Tough vs Tender: I am a zero so I could go either way.

J- I fall mostly on the Judging range except for one category.
Judging vs Perceiving
Systematic vs Casual: Systematic
Planful vs Open-Ended: Very Planful
Early-Starting vs Pressure-Prompted: High Midzone for Early Starting
Scheduled vs Spontaneous: I am a zero so I could go either way.
Methodical vs Emergent: I am out of preference and Emergent

So yeah that's a little more in depth for they Meyers-Briggs - fun stuff.
Next evaluation was the TKI Profile (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument). Basically it tests your conflict resolving methods that you most use and have preference for using. The 5 different ways to handle conflict is Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, Competing, and Collaborating. All are good and proper ways to handle conflict if done in the right circumstances. And you should be able to utilize all of them.

Here are my numbers: The percentage was the percentile from a representative sample that scored the same as or lower than me.

Avoiding - 65%
Compromising - 58%
Competing - 57%
Collaborating - 41%
Accommodating - 30%

So basically I'm pretty well rounded when it comes to handling conflict. I probably avoid more conflicts than I should and I should try to be more accommodating.
And Finally the Change Style Indicator - this shows your preferences about change. The three categories are: Conserver, Originator, and Pragmatist.

Conservers prefer current circumstances over the unknown.
Originators prefer a faster and more radical approach to change.
Pragmatists prefer to explore the existing paradigm in an open and objective manner.

The scale is 0-66 in both ways, I scored a 32 on the Originator side. A pragmatist is between 13 on the Originator side to a 13 on the Conserver side.

It was funny to see in the room when we lined up according to the scale I was the furthest on the Originator Side, right next to me were the other younger people in the class, so I kind of wonder if this changes with age and position. I definitely agree though the "N" in me is always looking for new ideas to solve every day problems and I am definitely one to try a new change without much probing.
If you made it this far - THANKS! I hope you had fun learning a little bit more about me. I have another week of this training in May, and I will get results back from a 360 evaluation of me. I am still looking for more people to answer some questions about me so if you want to fill out an evaulation on me let me know! It is all anonymous, but it will definitely help me grow!

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