Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deal of the Day

So I don't usually post about deals, but I figured what the heck, I haven't been a good blogger lately so maybe this will be a kick off.

So today I went into CVS, needed some milk and just wanted to stop somewhere quick. Upon entering there is now a scanning place to scan your CVS card and get a coupon, so I got a $4 off $20 coupon. Cool but I only need milk... hmm

So on my way back to the milk I decide to look at the diapers and see what they have. We usually get huggies from Costco. Caleb is now in a size 4 (you know the bigger the size the more expensive) maybe that's a plot to get your kid potty trained earlier.

Anyway at Costco the case of 200 diapers is somewhere around $40 and I know I pay $0.21/diaper, I compare all my deals to this. So CVS huggies are uber expensive something like $0.35-0.40 can't remember. I notice the CVS brand diapers are BOGO - umm sweet so here's the deal:

1 pack of 30 - $9.49
1 pack of 30 - $0.00
- ($4.00)
- ($2.00) - got a coupon in the mail!
- ($1.50) - got a coupon last visit at CVS
60 diapers for $1.99 that is only $0.033/diaper

Of course I had to spend more money to qualify for the $20 but hey I needed mothers day cards and milk anyway!!

Gosh I hope these CVS diapers are okay, if not they will be the daycare's problem anyway!!

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Anonymous said...

I just bought the CVS diapers on that deal too... if you look up the company it is a sub-brand of huggies and the material is so similar... they will be fine =)