Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday... not

So today we started building our Garden, phase 1 - build a raised bed box. We decided to go with a Cedar box, something about other wood leaching chemicals into the veggies, I don't know Tony did the research. So we built our box 8'x4'x1'.

Here's the before:
IMG_0232_edited-1 web
Here's the after: (I think this is where we are going to put it, the house will block the wind but it still gets 8 hours of sun a day)
IMG_0233_edited-1 web

Caleb was quite surprised by the new addition to the yard:
IMG_0229_edited-1 web

And Tony finally let me take a picture of him.
IMG_0239_edited-1 web

Then we had dinner and played a little Wii Fit with the Lathrops, it was a good Sunday!

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