Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We had lots of fun this weekend playing outside in the nice sunny weather. On Friday we played with Mandy and Molly at Metro Beach, unfortunately I left my camera at home so didn't get any pictures.

Today we went up to the boat so Daddy could help Grandpa wax the boat for the season. We went to the play area and had lots of fun!!

IMG_0183_edited-1 web

IMG_0184_edited-1 web

IMG_0190_edited-1 web

IMG_0191_edited-1 web

Caleb was so wiped out, for bedtime we put him in his superman pjs! He loves the cape!

IMG_0210_edited-1 web

IMG_0213_edited-1 web

1 comment:

Lori B said...

omg, that's hilarious that the PJs have a cape!