Saturday, April 25, 2009

Awesome Seminar & Cool New Toy

Last night I attended a great seminar on Photographing Toddlers all the way up to Teens, called Tots2Teens by Sandy Puc. Sandy (or Sam) talked a lot about the business, and ways to pose and control (i.e. read bribe) toddlers into taking pictures. I can't wait to try it out on Caleb, that was the real reason I went to see if I could get any tips to getting better pictures of him.

She was a really good instructor, and an awesome photographer. I can't wait till next years Seminar on Families!

Oh yeah so a couple days ago I came home and there was a package from amazon and a very sneaky husband waiting for me. So he got me this awesome new toy, Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet, its an awesome tool for professional photographers, artists and the like. It makes painting, selecting, erasing, and touchy things in Photoshop SOOO much easier to do. Love It!

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