Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leadership Class Day 2

So today, among other things, we went over our results for the FIRO-B test. (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior ) Basically talks about your tendencies for interpersonal relationships. So the parameters are "inclusion" "control" and "affection". They ask a series of questions that will determine what you express to others and what you want from others.

So I actually left my results at work but I pretty much remember my numbers. the scale is 0-9 for each of the boxes across and down. For inclusion my numbers were pretty high (7 & 8), obviously showing how I'm extroverted and want to be around people. I want to be with people, talk to people. If I'm not included in something, that's okay cause I'll just include you anyway! LOL

My numbers for Control were not to surprising. Control isn't what you think of it, it is more of how much info you give to people to do a task (or how much info you want from people to do that task). My number for giving people info was a 7, being an ENTJ I have high expectations of myself and others so I tend to give a lot of info and direction. The number for what kind of control / info I want from others was a 2 or 3, basically my i'N'novation side wants to figure out the problem, maybe do it a new or innovative way.

My numbers for Affection, were pretty consistant with my other tendancies, I don't tend to give a whole lot of affection out, and I don't really want a ton of affection back (but I do want some), I think my numbers were a 3 and 5.

The FIRO-B test can be dependant on your situation when you take it, it can change depending on your current mindset, but for some people it doesn't change much.

Can't wait to see what my next results are!!

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