Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 16-21 | 24 day Challenge

Well today is day 21 and I'm still trucking along, I won't lie and say I miss carbs, chocolate, and dairy, I miss them terribly.  Although cutting carbs isn't necessarily part of this diet, I definitely changed the carbs I am eating.  I'm pretty much 100% rid of white carbs like white rice, white flour, white potatoes.  Its hard, I REALLY like white potatoes, but I can SEE a difference in my waist line, its visible.

Today was the last weigh in of my 'dietbet'.  and I'm happy to say I made it!!  It was super hard to lose more than 1lb / week, I had to lose a total of 6.2 lbs and total I lost 6.4 lbs.

For accountability we used a word of the day, first person awake this morning picked it.  I started the diet bet a week before I started Advocare though, so I still have 3 more advocare days before I can officially celebrate and eat something extra yummy.
So this week I went down from 151 - 148.6 which is 2.4 lbs, its awesome, I was really worried about making my mark this week but I stepped up exercising to get there.  Every night this week I did something, one night it was Turbo Fire, another night I did the elliptical, then one day I ran 1 mile (it was 96 deg outside I couldn't go further) then came home and did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  Last night I swam some laps at the pool.
Anyway, I hope to stay on this trend and keep going down (although I would be fine if my progress was slower, I want to enjoy eating more lol).  My current weight goal is a healthy 140 lbs, but I am not expecting to be there anytime soon, maybe by thanksgiving?  we'll see.

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