Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 15 | 24 Day Challenge

Well its Day 15, and weigh in Friday.  Kinda bummed because I lost ZERO pounds, but I do have to look back at the week and honestly I slacked a little on my exercise.  Although I ran on travel that's the only time I ran, today I did a pretty slow walk (2.5 miles) because I talked to coworkers during the walk.

I also did okay but not excellent on my food choices while on travel.  Although I had no fried food, and I also had salads without dressings.  I also got a Cheese Board one night with 4 scrumptious cheeses on it, that I almost polished off by myself.

I'm totally going to step it up because I still have 2.2 lbs to lose for my Diet Bet which ends next Friday.  I can do it!!!

As promised here is an image of all the supplements for the "max" phase of the 24 day challenge.  These are the basic ones plus 1 add-on, the Carb-Ease.  I put the "spark" in for the picture but I almost never take it.

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