Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 1 as a family of 4

Wow, the week has flown by and with the help of family we got through it. Our first few days were uneventful. Cullen slept pretty good for a newborn, gave us some solid hours of sleep, well that and my mom was super helpful. She stayed the nights with us that first week to hold Cullen and lull him to sleep in between feedings.

Here are some Cell phone pictures of Cullen's first few hours. I LOVE HIM!

On our way home!!

Here's Cullen at only 2 days old, fresh from the hospital (or hobstible if you ask Caleb).

When Cullen was 6 days old we went to his first BBQ at our friends house, he got to meet a lot of our close friends and there were lots of little kids running around to play with Caleb. It was great for Caleb to get to interact with other kids for a while.

Later that evening Tony started to feel a little bad, we later found out that he came down with pneumonia. UGH it was rough but we got through it.

And without further ado - I introduce Cullen Robert - 7 days old:

And his birth announcement.

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