Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 Month

One month has passed since Cullen entered our lives and changed them forever. He is such a sweet boy, although he doesn't do much more than eating and sleeping and crying a little. Caleb loves him so much and loves to help take care of him. The first thing he asks in the morning is if he can hold his baby brother. Our weekend mornings have turned into the 4 of us cuddling up in bed together and just being together.

I probably mentioned before that pretty much ALL Cullen does is Eat and Sleep, and I don't exaggerate one bit!! Since I nurse him I held out giving him a pacifier for 4 weeks, he just got to try one in the past week and he's not entirely sure he likes them. I wanted to hold out the recommended 6 weeks like I did with Caleb but Cullen just needs to suck SO MUCH! He can't possibly be THAT hungry right? I have been a human pacifier for sure!

Well the doctor confirmed what I had been thinking all month, and he proved what I had been saying that he was eating A LOT. Cullen is for sure my chunky monkey!! He weighed in at 11 lbs even and 23 inches long. When he left the hospital he was under 7 lbs at just 6 lbs 14 oz. So in 1 month he gained 4 POUNDS! WOW, they say that a baby gains about an ounce a day in the first month, that would be about 2 lbs, he gained double. He went from the 25 percentile in both weight and height to the 85 percentile!!

And now for the picture!! Oh and you will also notice that he is totally balding!! I'm pretty sure blond hair is filling in on top, I wonder if it will be curly like his big brothers?!

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