Friday, September 24, 2010

26 Days Old

I've been DYING to take outdoor newborn portraits. Since I didn't get around to it this past summer, I thought I'd use my own newborn to give it a try. But its fall here and not exactly warm all the time. Well today was WARM!! Woot Woot!! Unfortunately it was also windy, I had a toddler at home, and noone here to help me. Also my newborn isn't so much a sleepy newbie. Hmm this creates some obstacles.

Caleb went down for a good nap - Obstacle 1 defeated :)

Wind - well there were some breaks in the winds but not much so I decided to just go for it. I got my basic set up and my camera set up then, when the next break in the wind came I ran out with Cullen and snapped like 10 frames. WOOO I got 1 usable image from those frames. No he was NOT asleep :( bummer but in between stretches and a little bit of fussiness he calmed down for a split second and I got the shot. You would never know any of that from looking at this image, I LOVE IT!!!

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