Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Break for the A's

Tony and I took this past week and a half off from work, it was great to just get things done around the house and spend some extra time with Caleb. We had a blast did a lot of things and accomplished much. Before I forget everything we did I just wanted to recap to save the memories forever :)

Well on the 23rd we let Caleb open his first Christmas present, you can see that here. On Christmas Eve we went over to Grandma and Papa's (Tony's parents). He got lots of great toys, a few of them being, a tent, a table, craft stuff, a wooden M&D train, tools, shopping cart, and Diego toys.

Christmas morning was a blast, Caleb really loved opening presents and was getting use to all these new toys! Of course after he would open 1 gift he would want it out of the box immediately. One of the bigger gifts from mommy and daddy was his play kitchen. He loves it so much and likes to cook up a storm. We also got him some play M&D food, a holiday elmo, a bunch of books and other little stuff.

After spending time at home we went to Grandma and Granddad's (my parents). He got to see all his aunts and uncles and got even more stuff! Another tent (starwars), a couple Mr. Potato Heads, some clothes, some play food, a soccer ball and goal, a bowling set, and other stuff that I'm sure I'm forgetting. We then went to my Grandpa's house and got to see some more relatives. Then we finally made it home to relax (and put caleb to bed).

The 26th was also a great day! I got to take down the Christmas Decorations and we just spent time playing with Caleb and all his new toys and getting them organized. The 27th Caleb and I went to lunch with some of my friends, one girl was in town from Delaware for the holidays and we always try to have a girls lunch or dinner whiles she's around. Caleb was a good little boy and sat and colored while we all talked and caught up. When we got home we found that Tony had managed to pull up the carpet in the dining room to get ready for Monday.

It snowed all night long so in the morning on the 28th Caleb and I went out and played in the snow, while Tony was getting ready to get to work on the new dining room floor. My sister and her husband came over and the guys got to work while we played with Caleb, it was a nice day in.

On Tuesday the 29th Tony and I took Caleb to our friends house for a play date. Another family joined us and we had 5 little boys running (or crawling) around. Caleb was right in the middle age wise and he had a blast following the older (3 yr olds) around hunting for monsters and dragons.

Wednesday the 30th, we had my Brother and his wife over for a couple hours. I took their son's 3 month pictures and my SIL cut our hair (ok my and Caleb's hair, tony doesn't have any).

While I had my seamless up I also got a couple more formal ones of Caleb in one of his Christmas outfits. These 2 were the best of the bunch, he just wasn't in a picture mood that day.

Jonah 3mo_0180 web

Jonah 3mo_0170 web

Later that evening we went over to our friends house for another mini-playdate. Caleb enjoyed playing with their zhu zhu pet collection of toys and all the other fun stuff they had.

Thursday the 31st we went out shopping to pick up groceries and then went to Osaka's for dinner. Caleb loved seeing the "dragon" fire (see playdate above - everything is dragon or monster right now). We had a nice dinner with our friends as we showed them what it was like having a toddler in a loud and busy restaurant (they are expecting their first in April).

After we went back to our house and a couple other people came over to celebrate the new year with us. Caleb tried to stay up late, but that was a bad idea! At about 8:45 he started to turn into a very tired and grumpy toddler. He really didn't want to go to bed though and miss out on all the fun we adults were going to have. Tony and I had bought a ton of stuff to make a bunch of different virgin fru fru drinks and put out a big spread of fruit, veggies, dips, crackers, chips & breads. They were yummy, its too bad I was over-filled from dinner!

Friday the 1st we finished cleaning up around the house and went out running errands to Lowes (future project in mind) and to Tony's brother's house. Caleb got yet another toy, a hand me down, shake and crash - cars and track. Then we went to have dinner at his parents house.

Saturday the 2nd, Tony went to see Avatar (again) with a couple friends, and then we went out shopping for some sweaters for me and some craft supplies for Caleb. Ever since he got his table he wants to do everything on it and that means a lot more craft time. He loves playdoh, paint, and crayons.

Sunday the 3rd (and last day of our vacation) we went to my parents house for lunch/dinner. Caleb was pretty wiped out from this vacation so he went to bed early. Not sure how he's going to feel about going back to school tomorrow, only time will tell.

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BondGirl said...

sounds like a great vacation! I am glad you got to take a few days off to spend with Caleb and Tony.