Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Play with Caleb

I am so glad we decided to take this week off of work and really spend more family time together. Caleb and I got all bundled up and headed out to the backyard for a little play time in the snow. He got the boots new for Christmas and surprisingly he put them on. See Caleb has a little issue with change to his footwear or his coats. He likes his tennis shoes and his old coat from last year. I was able to get the boots on but his new coat that we've had in the closet for months, yeah not quite. O'well I think his coat from last year still sort of fits him.

Well on to the pictures! There are quite a few of them, its rare that I get this many decent photos of Caleb during a 15 minute time frame.

Caleb Snow_0034 web

Caleb Snow_0030 web

Caleb Snow_0025 web

Caleb Snow_0014 web

Caleb Snow_0018 web

Caleb Snow_0027 web

Caleb Snow_0012 web

Caleb Snow_0008 web


photomcgee said...

Really nice pictures! I especially love the colors and DOF on the second one!

BondGirl said...

good pics. I love the first one.