Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve - Eve

Before all the holiday craziness begins tomorrow, Tony and I wanted to let Caleb open just one present. It was so much fun to watch him, he finally understands what a present is and how to actually open it. The next couple days are going to be a blast!!

This is his new "I'm kinda posing for you mom" pose!

Caleb_0011 web

Caleb_0020 web

At this point he figured it out what it was and got really excited.

Caleb_0024 web

He spent the next hour vacuuming the house. LOL he even got the hand tools out and did the furniture just like mommy!

Caleb_0035 web

Caleb_0033 web

He was absolutely distraught when bedtime came but he was just soo tired we had to tear it out of his hand to put him to bed.


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Can he come over and clean my house?

Rachel L said...

haha~ awesome, he likes to sweep and vacuum! seriously, can he come to my house too?!? when will he go through the scrubbing the tub stage ? ; ) Have a Merry Christmas!