Saturday, May 3, 2014

Disney Autograph Album

I just finished making MY Disney Autograph Album, the boys have theirs that we made a month or so ago, and they are cute, room for a photo and a signature.  But then I came across the idea to use a Disney character encyclopedia for autographs.  LOVE it, and love the idea, best of all I love the price.  The characters just sign right over their picture in the book!

I paid $1 for the book (used on amazon, an older version but fine for what I want), plus $4 for shipping.  Binding was $4.50 at Staples, and $2 for laminating the front sheet.  Truth be told I didn't need to do the laminating because the binding comes with a clear cover and a black back sheet but I'm glad I did it anyway.  Total cost $11.50 and maybe 20 minutes of assembly.

So what did I do??

Here's the book, like I said I bought it used on amazon, excellent condition and only $1, they had some for $0.20!  Its from 2004 but I don't mind missing some characters, the classics and more are in here!:

First step is to cut off the binding, ok this was difficult for me only because I LOVE books, it seemed sacrilegious.  Next step is to get that glue binding off, after about 2 minutes of googling, I found the best way to do this is with a blow dryer.  I used medium heat and just slowly pulled the pages out, 1 or 2 at a time.  Easy and no rips!

The book is pretty large (200 pages of characters) so I went through and weeded some out, where both sides where the characters are not in the parks.  I took that reject pile and quickly checked online to make sure I didn't pull some out that were indeed at disney.  We visit a lot so I plan to use this in the future as well.

Now that you have your two piles you have to decide what else you want in the book.  I ended up adding 10 pages of white cardstock to the back so that if we had missing characters they could still sign, also I could scrapbook pictures into the back pages if I want.

Next to staples and here is the finished product, a lot lighter than the original hardcover book, also it will be easier for the characters to sign cause you can flip it back and hold it easier.  Oh also I think it will help encourage the kids to read more.  It has lots of facts on each character page, the book has already gotten us to watch an older disney classic that we hadn't seen on netflix!

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