Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

With the kids getting older and Caleb knowing how to read pretty well this year, we decided to mix up our easter egg hunt tradition.

This year we started with each boy having 1 egg in an otherwise empty Easter basket just outside their door. The Easter bunny left them of course.  Inside that egg was a specific place to check for the next egg, and so on.  Each location had an egg for each boy with the same instructions.  Cullen can't read so Caleb did it for both boys. 

The instructions were super easy and the boys had a blast running from location to location.  At location 11 they were instructed to go outside to find their next clue.  They each had to get 10 eggs of their color (green for Cullen and blue for Caleb).  In one of the eggs would be their last clue and tell them where their baskets were hidden.

It was something new and the boys loved it.  They weren't a big fan of going outside in their PJs at 6:30 a.m. when it was 35 degrees outside and muddy, but they still had fun.
And here is them with their baskets this year.  I wanted to do a theme of outdoor bug hunting but yeah that didn't work out with the last minute shopping I was doing, so they each got a magnifying glass,  a small toy, bubble wand, pez and a small thing of candy, oh and sidewalk chalk to share.
After our egg hunt we got ready and headed to church, it was a great family service and the boys enjoyed well the first 2/3rds of it with us, then they got antsy (but who can blame them).
Hope you had a great Easter too!!

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