Monday, January 13, 2014

Front Closet MakeOver!

On the very last day of our Christmas break I was over come by the need to organize our front closet.  So Saturday after my little brothers (and future sister's) bridal shower, I began unloading the front coat closet.  By that night, I had taken everything out of it and taken off all the moldings and the one lonely shelf in there.  I also convinced Tony to help me by filling in the holes.  So Sunday after church we did a quick run to the Lowes to buy some stuff for my master plan.  I hadn't really thought it out much, just a general "vision" but with help from Tony (ok a LOT of help) my vision came out pretty well.

Here are some before / in progress:

The biggest problem with our closet is the wasted space.  Because it is over our basement stairway we have this really weird incline that covers most of the floor space.  A few years ago I convinced Tony to put some shoe molding along the bottom in 3 rows to kind of hold shoes.  Although it was an okay solution, I just got fed up with the shoes constantly falling.  Also our games were totally impossible to get to, so I knew when I put everything back in I'd be standing those up on end.

And look how dirty it was!!  A fresh coat of paint made a HUGE difference right away.

Very first progress picture, fresh paint and the beginning of the frame Tony built to start off my vision.

And here it is, *just* about done.  You can't tell from the strategically taken pictures but I still have some moldings to paint (and the side) and we have some cracks to fill in to finish it off. I wanted to be able to store most if not all our shoes (can't store the boots so those will be on our shoe rack until after winter), the skylanders / infinity characters, winter gear (in the drawers). and of course our coats and adult games.  Its amazing how much more we can fit in the closet!  Standing up the games was huge, now we could actually get the games/puzzles down if we wanted, but truth be told we could probably get rid of most of them... maybe one day.

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