Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 1 | 24 Day Challenge

A week ago I started a challenge with some friends.  We made 'bets' with ourselves and accountability with each other and put a little money on the table.  The Goal:  Lose 4% body weight/fat in 28 days.  The Bet:  $20.  We all put $20 into a pot, if you lost your goal you got your money back, if you didn't  you didn't get your money back, and everyone who did meet the goal got an equal portion of your bet.  We each took pictures of ourselves on the scale on day one.

My scale said 155 lbs.  Kinda upsetting seeing as I was at 148 a couple months ago back when I was running consistantly and really working towards weight loss goals.  But this is what I need, a kick in the butt.

Monday I placed an order for the 24 day challenge from Advocare, I've heard so many people have success with the program and I knew I needed to get my eating under control again.  I also wanted to do a cleanse for a while and the program starts off with a 10 day cleanse.  So I ordered it.  Really wanting to utilize it during the Bet we had going on.

The Advocare products came in the mail yesterday so I immediately went out grocery shopping for the foods I'd need to stay on track... lots of veggies, fruits, and some good grains and proteins.

This morning - 1 week into the 'bet' - my scale said 153.6.  A 1% loss already and I'm on track!  I also took my measurements and hopefully I'll remember to take a picture tonight.  Started the Advocare this morning and here are my thoughts, in real time, as I go through it.  I'll update throughout the day.

5:45 - Fiber Drink + Spark Drink:  I decided to mix them since I've heard the Fiber drink isn't very tastey, and oh my they were right, I had to fight off the feeling of puking for the next 2 hours.  I drank 4 glasses of water before I arrived at work.  I'll be trying new ways of taking that fiber drink over the next couple days.  1 down - 5 more to go (the drink is for days 1-3 and days 7-10).

6:45 - I had a Meal Replacement Shake.  I typically drink the MRSs on my way into work anyway so this was no change to my normal routine and easy to do.  I'm still fighting down the puking sensation though.  Talking to friends I think it might have been the Spark drink, I'm not use to caffiene in the morning since I'm not a coffee drinker.

9:30 - Morning Snack - Apple.  Wasn't very hungry yet but I ate it per recommendation anyway probably to keep energy levels up I guess.

10:00 - Brisk 2.5 mile walk.  Didn't want to run today and deplete energy stores since todays the first day and its recommended to do only Veggies and Fruits for a good cleanse kick off.  Walked at a 15 min/mile pace, got sweaty.

11:45 - Lunch - 2 eggs (decided to have some protein, but trying to avoid carbs today), Bunch of Lettuce, A cup of Broccoli steamed, 1/2 cup of Carrots.  This plan says you can add in as much green veggies as you want so I did eat a little over the recommended veggie.  But I didn't have a complex carb and I ate a lot less protein than recommended for a normal day (this because its day 1 of cleanse).  Still feeling a little jittery from the Spark.  Didn't take the 2nd optional one.

2:30 - Afternoon Snack - Peach and Peanut Butter.  So maybe I should have saved my apple for this afternoon, would have gone better with the PB, o'well, I digress.  I wasn't super hungry but the afternoon lull from lunch to dinner is the worst.  AND I've had to pee a lot (had 9 glasses of water already today) and had to walk by the 'snack' table at work numerous times, so I decided to have the full 'recommended' snack including the 'healthy fat / PB'.  But then when I finished I kinda didn't want to eat all the PB.  o'well.  I most concerned about dinner and the rest of my evening.

5:30 - Dinner - Salad i.e. iceberg lettuce + cranberries, no dressing, a few pieces of mangled chicken on top.  Took the boys to Java Jungle, I ordered a salad, no dressing, and cheese on the side.  it was feta I just didn't know how strong I could be, so I used half the cheese.  I thought it would have grilled chicken on top, nope breaded/fried chicken it was, so I peeled away all the breading part and had that on top of my salad.  It was ok.

Getting home I realize just how strong/weak I am.  The boys had potato chips with their dinner, I was jealous but didn't even try to sneak one.  Then as I get home and put my lunch bag away I see the bag of York Peppermint Patties, I love those things..  but I didn't eat one.  Evenings are hard but its only the first day so I'm trying to do my best.

I realize that today I was able to do ok because I was at work all day, tomorrow is going to be super hard, being at home with all the temptation.  Hopefully I make good choices.

Oh and my total water consumption is near 100 oz so far, and I still have to take some pills tonight...

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