Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Graze Box

I heard about Graze box on one of my favorite mommy boards, where I pick up a lot of tricks and trips for parenthood and life.  Graze.com is brand new and not even open to the public yet.  Its another one of those box subscription websites, they have them for everything, for clothing, organic food, makeup, even kids fun/adventure boxes, books, you name it, I'm sure its out there.  Graze is for healthy natural snacks.  They send you samples depending on your likes and dislikes and frequency.  I opted for the box sent to the house every 2 weeks.  The best part?  the first box was free, another bonus?  the 5th box is free, so I get 5 boxes for $15!  So why did I sign up for this?  Well my kids love getting mail, but they are horrible at trying new foods.  So I thought maybe if these foods came in a cute package in the mail they might try it.  Oh and there's chocolate involved (as you can see on Cullen's face).  Check out the pics, the boys were so excited to open up the packages and try the goodies.


Amanda Colon said...

So awesome! I would love to try. Do you have a code by chance?

Rachel A said...

I do not have a code, Graze is so new that right now they only only giving people 1 code each and someone claimed my code within minutes of me getting it!