Friday, March 15, 2013

Cullen's New Shoes

Honestly everyone should feel sorry for this kid,  he's 2.5 and these are only his 2nd pair of new shoes...  Caleb never cared about shoes, in fact he hated buying new shoes and never wanted to give up his old pair.  Cullen is so different, he loves picking out his shoes in the morning, he's only ever had hand-me-downs from Caleb or some other little boy, except for his Puma's that he got from his Aunt and Uncle for Christmas when he was 1.  Well I finally let him pick out some shoes at, he free shipping and not super expensive!  He was so excited when they came in the mail so we did a little photo of him wearing them.  You can't tell but they are Spiderman and they light up when he walks, just like his friend Cohen's from school (per Cullen).

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