Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Slushy | Kid Science

So my kids watch TV, yeah I know, but some shows are actually educational and entertaining and hey it distracts them so I can clean and cook :)

Well did you know they had infomercials on kids tv channels?? Yep stuff like this Slushy Magic that your kids immediately want to buy and try out. And who doesn't need another kitchen object around the house? THIS girl! I have enough of that stuff, especially with 2 kids and all their fun cups and sippy cups and crazy straws Oh Em GEEE that stuff piles up.

So after a couple times of Caleb telling me how he just HAS to be able to make Magic Slushies, I decide to teach him a little science experiment and this is what we did.

I filled up a ziplock bag with some warmish water and some sea salt. I don't measure, just crossed my fingers and hoped I got enough of the stuff. Then we put that in the freezer to sit over night.

The next day I got my bag back out and it was a little big (yeah I need to find a smaller ziplock) so I put it (the whole bag) in a tupperware container and added juice. Topped it off with the lid and had Caleb shake till his hearts content. I think after about 2 or 3 minutes of Tony shaking, they had a slushy! The slushy then got poured into 2 cups and immediately devoured (sorry no picture of the actual slushy, I'll try to grab one later). I then rinsed off my ziplock bag and put it back in the freezer ready for the next time!

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