Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Gardening

So we're still working on our Garden out back, this weekend was so nice so we got up early both days to get some serious work done. A couple weeks ago Tony pulled up the grass to make room for our raised bed, I wasn't able to get a picture because the rain came soon after he finished. Here it is. We have some serious clay in our yard hence the reason for the raised beds.

IMG_0476_edited-1 web

So earlier yesterday when Tony was working on other chores for our rental unit, I decided to put some old paver stones to work, I created a little flower bed in the backyard. A few years ago we transplanted a rose bush from the front yard to the back so its the first thing in the flower bed. I also planted some bulbs and some various seeds, we'll watch it throughout the summer to see what grows!!

IMG_0478_edited-1 web

So today we started piling in the dirt. And went to the farm greenhouse to buy some seedling plants to go with the seeds we also planted.

here's the list of what we planted:
From Seedling Plants:
3 Tomato plants
4 Broccoli plants
4 Basil plants
2 Green Onions
2 White Onions
8 Red Leaf Lettuce
8 Green Leaf Lettuce
8 Romaine Lettuce
8 Slicing Cucumbers
4 Pickling Cucumbers
1 Oregano
1 Cilantro
And from Seeds:
Soy Beans

IMG_0512_edited-1 web

And finally a couple pictures of my little man!

IMG_0509_edited-1 web

IMG_0491_edited-1 web


Andrea said...

Great job! you should have lots of great veggies! Caleb is so dang CUTE!!

Lori B said...

Wow, you guys have a lot of stuff planted!