Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 Years Ago...

I married my best friend. Today was just one of those regular work days, to make it a little more special we took a short trip downtown mt clemens to have dinner and take a short walk. I brought my camera along and got a couple shots of the family.

Oh yeah and 2 year anniversary is cotton, Tony is so cute!

IMG_0613_edited-1 web

a famous self portrait LOL

IMG_0551_edited-1 web

IMG_0557_edited-1 web

IMG_0569_edited-1 web

IMG_0597_edited-2 web

Then we came back home for a glass of wine - riesling - yumm

IMG_0617_edited-1 web

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Rachel L said...

love the one of Tony and Caleb on the dock