Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eastern Market

So yesterday we went to the Eastern Market in Detroit. I have never been there so it was neat to see. There were tons and tons of plants, flowers, and produce. My hands were a little full with Caleb but I managed to take a couple snaps.

Caleb loves his Granddad.

IMG_1140_edited-1 web

And his Aunt Lori.

IMG_1161_edited-1 web

Of course I had to get some pictures of the pretty flowers. After all they are soo much easier to take pictures of since they don't move as much as Caleb does.
IMG_1137_edited-1 web

I was drawn to the yellow and orange flowers.
IMG_1154_edited-1 web

But this one was probably my favorite.
IMG_1151_edited-1 web

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