Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's 1!!

I can't believe how fast this day came. My little baby is now ONE and I guess a toddler. Craziness.

He had his 1 year baby well appointment yesterday. He's on track developmentally and about the 50th percentile all around. I got a great average little boy and that works for me.

Weight - 21 lbs 14 oz
Height - 30 inches
Head - 18 inches

He's walking all over the place now, his new favorite thing is to say "HI" and wave, he also blows kisses and knows where the garbage goes (and where his diapers go). He knows what "No" means, although most of the time he just tries to trick us and get away with stuff anyway. He's a climber in every sense of the word. He eats all kinds of big boy food now, no peanut products yet not worth it with all the health scares recently.

And here's a picture with his birthday crown on. Maybe he'll wear it for a little bit at his party.


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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! He is such an adorable little Boy!