Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well today, officially we paid off Tony's car. It's all ours so I guess this is when we start to see all the mechnical problems *knock on wood*. Now if we could just pay off that pesky condo we'd be sitting pretty. HA I doubt we'll be able to pay off the whole condo, but we are trying to get rid of the second loan on it. I had the bright idea of doing an 80/20 when I bought it. I guess the whole market being crap is helping out there b/c my interest rate (adjustable) is really low right now. We're paying about 10x's over the minimum payment so we can get rid of that second loan (I guess its like an equity line of credit?) within the next 18 months. Wouldn't that be great?!

Well I can't leave you without a picture so here's an oldy but a goody - Caleb circa March 08.

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Andrea said...

Grats on owning the car! That last payment always feels so good! I went out to dinner to celebrate when I made that last one on mine. LOL