Friday, January 9, 2009

Sick House...

Ugh, so we're all sick, Caleb had to go home early on Wednesday had some stomach issues at daycare, he couldn't keep anything down, and what was already down was coming out really messy.  So I decided to stay home with him on Thursday, except I had to get some work done at work so I ended up going in really early in the morning so I could be back home in time for Tony to leave for work.

Well now Tony and I are both sick.  I had to call my mom this morning to come over and help us.  I just couldn't hardly even lift Caleb, let alone take very good care of him.  She stayed all day then we decided she would just take him home with her for a sleep over.  I'm so thankful for my family!

Now I'm feeling about 50% better but not Tony, neither of us have eaten all day (and that Taco Bell I had last night was a BAD idea).  Hopefully its just a 24 hour thing and we'll be better tomorrow.  

That's all!

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Lori (MrsB1021) said...

lol...taco bell. Yeah that's gotta suck!