Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years!

Happy New Year everyone! Our New Years Eve was much different from previous years, it was our first new years with our Caleb.

So we decided to go have dinner with some friends of ours who have 2 little kids. Jackie who is just 6 months older than Caleb and Mikey who is 5 (I think?). Caleb loved meeting the new kids but he really loved all their toys, I couldn't even get him to look up for any pictures. O'well!

After dinner we chatted for a bit, but went home early to put Caleb in bed, we were probably home around 8:30 (I know we're lame now! LOL) and Tony and I played a couple games. Our new favorite is called, "set" its is so much fun. After I beat him we cuddled up and watched a movie. The movie got over in time to go snuggle up in bed and watch the ball drop.

I loved being at home and able to kiss my men goodnight and happy New Year, of course I missed being with friends, but I got a whole life ahead of me to do that.

Here's some pictures for ya!

Little Mikey - he is soo like his father, very chatty.
Little Jackie (I hope I spelled that right), such a beauty, just look at those eyes!

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