Monday, January 12, 2009

Being Green-er

So one of my goals for the New Year was to be Greener. In 2008 we were recycling, most of our stuff, and we were trying to bring our canvas bags when we shopped, but in 2009 we WILL recycle anything and everything we can, we WILL use canvas bags. I also decided to try and stop using so much paper towel in our house in 2009.

Stuff I wasn't recycling before but I am now: baby food containers, soup containers and tin cans, duh just rinse them and put them in the bin - easy!

So... we are about 2 weeks in to the new year and where are we... I am happy to report that we haven't changed a roll of paper towel in weeks!! probably 3 or 4 weeks and we still have lots left. I bought a package of 60 white shop towels from Costco to use for cleaning, and we no longer use paper towel for napkins, we use cloth napkins!!

I am also happy to say that for my first grocery shopping trip of the new year I used my canvas bags!! It is so much easier in my opinion, you can fit most of your groceries in 1 costco canvas bag, thus reducing your trips from the car to the counter. Also I don't have to store all those darn plastic bags, although they are recyclable so if you have them laying around, please don't put them in the garbage, put them in the recylce bin.

Also today my lunch was totally green. I have these wonder bread sandwich plastic containers that I made my sandwich in today (also used one for Tony). Then to save a little cash, I usually buy a big bag of chips and separate out a portion for lunch (I do the same with cookies and other treats). Well instead of putting it in a baggie, I decided to use some of my rubbermaid tuperware. I'll just go home and refill it for tomorrow and voila, all set for my green lunch with little garbage! So that's portion control / cash control / and eating green all in one meal!!

Have a nice day!

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