Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Furry New Family Member

This Thanksgiving weekend we went to pick up our new puppy!!  We had been thinking about getting a puppy for a while and after I found this bread I just fell in love. 

Coton de Tulear - is a rare, ancient pure-breed dog.  They are not bred down to a small size, so they don't usually get the little dog attitude.  The Coton is a companion dog, Cotons are very intelligent, easy to toilet train, and uncommonly gentle and laid back.  I can not even begin to tell you how great he is with the boys.  He will follow us around and sit near our feet or crawl on laps when we sit.

They come in 3 colors - White, Black and White and Tri Color.  Frodo is a Tri-Color Coton with a coat of white, champagne and dusting of black hair.  They have hair not fur and it is super soft.  They are known for not shedding.  They are also a very calm dog and are known for seldom barking.  They are great with small children as well as other household pets.

A couple of my nephews came by this weekend to meet Frodo and he was great with them.

Of course getting a puppy is hard work.  I spent the first night laying on our hardwood floor outside of his crate.  Night two he spend about half the night in his crate and the other half laying just outside the crate door on his crate mat.  Finally last night he did wonderful in his crate and spent the whole night in there without whining except for potty breaks.  He got up 3 times last night to go potty but he didn't have any accidents in his crate.  We are all still getting use to remembering to take him outside frequently.  And today is gonna be his first day spending 4 hours in a crate for the morning while we work.  Yesterday he spent 2 hours in his crate while we were at church and did great.

He's an attention hog which while adorable can also be annoying.  We don't know why he whines sometimes which makes potty training tricky.  Sometimes he whines to go potty and sometimes its just because he misses being in our arms.

Here are some pictures I got of him this weekend.  The boys are so great with him (and he's great with the boys).

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