Monday, October 21, 2013

Orlando in the Fall!

Yep our second trip down to Florida this year, this time much lower key.  We got a great deal on a 2 bedroom 2 bath resort place, i.e. timeshare trap.  We had to listen to a 90 minute 3 hour timeshare thing but I still think it was worth it.  We had lots of fun and made many memories.  We also got to see my little sister who moved down to the area June 2012.

We started off at the Timeshare and decided to spend our first 3 days just checking out the many different pools.  We got to 3 pools total (out of 6 I think) but we picked the best 3.  Lazy rivers, water cannons, water falls, and slides, it was so much fun.


After we left the resort on check out day we headed to the Magic Kingdom.  Of course we couldn't go all the way down there without going to a park.  We debated between Disney vs Universal but Disney won since the kids are still pretty young.  We went on a day where Mickey had his "not so scary halloween" party so we decided to go all out and buy tickets for that party too.  That gave us access to the park from opening till midnight.  We had a great day and this trip my camera stayed attached to me the entire time.
Honestly I have so many pictures, but I'll try to limit it to just a few special memories.  The first thing we did when we got there was dance with Woody in the streets :)  Cullen loved it.
We went on some rides, saw some parades and just had a great time!
We had diner at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends!
After dinner we changed into our costumes and got ready to PARTY!!  We were all Marvel Super Heroes -- Avengers!

After getting some pictures in, we hit the trick or treat trails.  Boy do they give out LOTS of candy too, not just to the kids but we all go in on the action.  YUMM!
It got dark fast and as we were walking to the Villian Mixer and Parade area I got this shot, and love it!
Then it was time for the Villain show and the Parade.  While I tried to take pictures of the Villian Show, Tony let me sit with the kids for the parade and he took some shots of the parade.  Gotta love the castle all lit up like that!
Isn't this how all kids get ready for a parade?? Sugar coma or just sick of using his hands...

My favorite shot from the parade, love the dancine ghosts/zombies or whatever they are!



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