Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caleb & Cullen Go...

to Traverse City, point and shoot style.

We had so much fun at Great Wolf Lodge this year, Cullen was just off as soon as we got to the waterpark, and of course Caleb was too. They both had a great time swimming, playing at the arcade, and even battling some Dragons. Yep Caleb had a blast (with help from daddy) playing the MagiQuest game, he even hit some high scores for the day/week/month!!

this was Cullen's favorite 'game' at the arcade, he loved that little firetruck!

Caleb had a very important job this morning, and that was turning ON the waterpark with Willie the wolf. He was scared at first but really loved how he turned all the water on!

And here you can see the leaderboards that play throughout the hotel and in each of the hotel rooms, yep that's Caleb!


Andrea said...

these are great Rachel! Looks like the kids had FUN!

Rachel L said...

yes what cute boys!