Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lovin' this age...

Wow Caleb's age right now is soo much fun (almost 18 months). He has begun doing the shadow thing. Everything I do, he wants to do. I carry a purse to work, he wants to carry a bag or purse (so funny cause he found this green polka dot purse I use to use and he loves carrying it around). I dip my fries in ranch, he wants to dip his stuff in ranch. I was eating chips with humus today, he wanted to eat the chips in humus. It was pretty funny when he actually tasted the humus but I think he likes it b/c he kept on doing it.

I guess we are at the age where we have to be super careful of what we do when these little eyes are watching (and ears listening).

Next Monday, Caleb graduates into the next age daycare room. I'm kinda nervous about the change so we'll see how it goes! Luckily he is moving over with a friend so hopefully that will help.

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Andrea said...

everything is better with a friend..;-)