Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wow, I haven't posted in sooo long. honestly having 3 blogs is not easy, I just don't have time to update them all the time. O'well I will try. So since the 4th of July not a whole lot has changed. I finally figured what my next assignment at work will be, although I need to get it officially in writing before I bank to much on it :)

We had some health problems in our family, my grandmother just got out of the hospital, and ICU yesterday and Caleb has had his fair share of drama with medical stuff. But all that seems to be ending thank goodness!!

My little sister got engaged!! So that will be a fun wedding to start planning.

Oh and Caleb had his first kiss. Don't believe me? Well see for yourself!

First Kiss

Seriously who could resist this face?

Brooklyn_0174 web

He also got his first hair cut this past weekend. I took some pictures but I've been soo busy I haven't gotten to edit them yet. Will post that hopefully this week.

Everything else is going great. The photography thing is really taking off, and I'm having fun doing it on the side. Tony and I got to go see a movie tonight so that was nice, and Caleb is just the best toddler a mom could ever ask for.

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Andrea said...

Is that 2nd picture Calebs reaction to the kiss? LOL! he is so expresive! Great pics,and glad to here all the health problems are calmin down.