Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

Had a great time out at the marina for the fourth of July. Caleb had fun playing with his cousin, we went swimming, and he played with the 3d sidewalk chalk. Then he stayed up all night for the fireworks. I was super surprised, but I think he loved them!

IMG_3765_edited-1 web

IMG_3781_edited-1 clouds web

IMG_3811_edited-1 web

IMG_3815_edited-1 web

Ready for the fireworks but oh sooo tired!

IMG_3837_edited-1 web

Just one picture of the fireworks.

IMG_3846_edited-1 web


Rachel L said...

looks like little man got a hair cut- love the pic of him on the boat, he's super cute!

Rachel A said...

nope no hair cut yet... I'm too chicken, soon though!