Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Birthday

Thanks everyone who wished me happy birthday, either by sending me an e-mail, a card, a text, a facebook message or even a message on my mom's board! Thanks! I kinda tried to ignore my birthday this year but it seems like some people just won't let it go. I got spoiled at work with a cake from Nino's (yummm!!) and going out to lunch with friends. Then hubby took me out to dinner on his dinner break (he had to work overtime tonight) so when I got home I had flowers sitting on the table, a chick flick I could watch while he was gone, and a present. First time ever I got a video game for MY birthday but OMGosh its awesome. Hubby got me EA Games Active for the Wii and it is soooo great. I have to admit I only made it half way through the first work out. With all the tutorials for the first time it was just taking forever, and yeah it was kind of intense (I guess that's what you get for choosing high intesity). So far so good, and I would definitely recommend it!

Well since I'd rather not post without a picture, here's an oldie that I just re-edited for my portfolio.


before (I've come a long way since February!):

IMG_6735_edited-1 web

I've really been working on my post processing and I am starting to LOVE it, I'm getting more confident in my skin tones and doing a simple clean processing. Of course it helps when you get the exposures right in camera which I think I can confidently say I am doing!

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